Stainless Steels

Chemical finishing of stainless steels

Stainless steels are present in all industrial installations. Our treatments and services can be performed on new equipment of form part of maintenance work on all process installations.

Chemical finishing of stainless steels

The intrinsic oxidation resistance of stainless steels is dependent on rigorous finishing, which is essential to ensure the structural performance of alloys during their use. This performance is guaranteed by our processes :

  • Degreasing eliminates organic pollutants
  • Stripping removes oxides and all metal contaminants found on the surface
  • Passivation restores the protective passive film, which alone ensures the material's anti-corrosion performance

Stainless steels are treated with two objectives in mind : first, to achieve the primary cleanliness required before these materials can be used and, second, to perform effective passivation so as to ensure full corrosion resistance.

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