Nuclear & Petrochemicals Industries

Cleanliness is paramount in the nuclear field

The level of cleanliness of nuclear equipment must meet RCCM/PMUC standards

Nuclear and thermal power plants chemical leaching

We perform final qualification of equipment used in the nuclear industry, including process equipment and pipe networks :

  • Full stripping and passivation, final cleaning, specific packaging
  • Final compliance inspections, approved tests, certificates
  • Support for the drafting of procedures and their final validation

Power production units - fossil-fired plants, cogeneration units - must be supported by rigorous maintenance

Chemical cleaning plants nuclear reactors

All power production units make use of high-pressure steam and therefore suffer from gradual fouling, which water treatment struggles to prevent :

  • Chemical leaching of water tube boilers, removal of magnetite films
  • Desludging of the water side of smoke tube boilers, 10-year compliance maintenance
  • Analysis of deposits, recommendations, technical validation of cleaning through continuous monitoring

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