Non toxic stainless treatments range

Treatment of stainless steels - Non toxic high performance ranges

Pulvérisation Bain Application Métaux

Traitements des aciers inoxydables par pulvérisation & application.

The performance of our final cleaning ranges for stainless steels guarantees user protection levels that meet the highest safety requirements.

  • Optimal yields and productivity
  • Increased protection for user technicians
  • Reduction of environmental impact

We combine the protection of people and the environment with the technical performance of products and ranges.

Normes de protection des hommes et de l'environnement

  • Complete green range with low toxicity - Biodegradable degreasers
  • Low nitric stainless steel processing products
  • Non-toxic stainless steel pickling & passivation chemicals
  • Pâte de décapage non toxique ECO Z Télécharger notre fiche technique

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