Cryogenics & UltraVacuum Applications

High-technology sectors require ultra-cleanliness

Technical surfaces for high-purity processes are treated to ensure that the applications for which they are used achieve the desired results

Decontamination equipment high-tech metal

Our treatments enable optimal decontamination that complies with the strict cleanliness requirements of end users :

  • Chemical decontamination, complete treatments
  • Final ultra-cleanliness qualification with solvent and demineralised-water phases
  • Clean-room packing, compliance tests

High-tech fields must certify the repeatibility and security of their processes

Decontamination Metal Surfaces

We are a partner to service providers involved in the supply and maintenance of high-technology equipment, for the most demanding technical applications :

  • Cryogenic equipment, pure gas and oxygen processes
  • Equipment and connectors for ultra-vacuum processes
  • Semi-conductor equipment, both new and in maintenance

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