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Chemist, formulator and manufacturer, we continuously invest in the development of innovative new generation chemicals that respects the environment.(biodegradable), offering ever more protection for humans (non toxic), and consistently improving the efficiency and productivity of treatment processes.


Non toxic sprayable pickling gel PROCAP PROTECT

Pulverization non toxic pickling gel


  • Sprayable non toxic pickling gel, without hydrofluoric acid
  • Extreme efficiency - reduced consumption
  • Nuclear industries compliance
  • Very easy to use
  • Increased operators security and facilities protection
  • Non toxic sprayable pickling gel PROCAP PROTECT Download our technical sheet


Stainless steel pickling in a non-toxic bath PROCAP PROTECT IMMERSION


Stainless steel pickling by non-toxic immersion

  • Non-toxic & non-emissive bath for immersion pickling
  • Deoxidation & Pickling fast and powerful for austenitic stainless steels
  • Cleanliness high performance with complete elimination of heating oxides and ferritic pollution
  • Long-lasting bath, regular pickling for all parts treated in immersion
  • Short cycle times, high productivity, increased protection for technicians & installations
  • Quick pickling & increased safety PROCAP PROTECT IMMERSION
    Download our technical sheet


Non toxic stainless steel pickling paste ECO Z


Gamme non toxique

  • Non-toxic pickling paste without hydrofluoric acid
  • Extreme efficiency - ultra fast descaling
  • Nuclear industries compliance
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Increased operators security and facilities protection
  • Non toxic pickling paste ECO Z Our démonstratio video
  • Non toxic pickling paste ECO Z Download our technical sheet



New generation passivator PROCIV ECO 5+/ECO 7+


Non toxic passivation stainless steel

the high performances of our nitric free passivators bring you significant advances.

  • Reduced contact times by 30% for increased productivity
  • Does not emit nitrous fumes (zero Nox) for enhanced operator safety
  • Non-toxic baths that do not require ventilation, without risk of corrosion for buildings
  • Significantly reduced risks in the event of accidental projection
  • Non toxic passivator PROCIV ECO7+ Download our technical sheet
  • Non toxic passivator PROCIV ECO5+ Download our technical sheet


Electrolytic stainless steel pickling & cleaner PROCAP E160


Electrolysis pickling chemicals

The high performance of our non toxic electrolytic liquid offer you savings and performance

  • Electrolytic pickling product usable on all stainless steel surfaces, parts or equipment
  • Immediate action, without coloring or matting
  • Unrivalled value for money
  • Useable with most electrolytic pickling machines
  • Compliant for use in food environment
  • Electrolytic pickling chemical PROCAP E160 Download our technical sheet


Non toxic biodegradable powerful degreaser PROSOLV ECO+


Biodegradable stainless steel degreaser

  • Heavy duty degreaser for stainless steels
  • Complete treatment for machined parts
  • Rinsing waters biodegradable à 100%, rejectable to the separative network
  • No fumes or vapours, for optimal comfort and safety
  • Deoxidizing action reducing pickling times
  • Heavy duty biodegradable degreaser PROSOLV ECO+ Download our technical sheet


Finishing, cleaning & brillianting PROSOLV NET PROTECT


Cleaning Brillianting Protecting metals

  • Finishing after assembly, elimination of fingerprints
  • Cleaning, dusting, degreasing in one operation
  • Application easy and fast - brilliant results
  • Ideal on stainless steels, copper alloys, aluminum, carbon steels
  • Powerful and durable protective film
  • Finishing & brilliant results PROSOLV NET PROTECT
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Degreasing Deoxidation Renovation & Reconditionning PROSOLV 125P


Degreasing Deoxidation Stainless steel

  • Ideal cleanliness when immersion or spraying is not possible
  • Preparation degreasing overpowered on stainless steels and aluminum
  • Extensive deoxidation Renovation & reconditionning dissolution of greasy soiling
  • Easy application for maintenance on the devices and equipment in place
  • Use facilitated by application, gel with high covering power, final cleaning
  • Degreasing Deoxidation & Renovation PROSOLV 125P
    Download our technical sheet

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