Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Industry

Production of pharmaceuticals and exposed cosmetics

The cleanliness of equipment installed in production facilities must be strictly controlled

Cleanliness degreasing pharmacy networks

During the installation of equipment and pipe networks, we provide final cleaning services prior to commissioning :

  • Degreasing, deoxidation and passivation of installed pipe networks and equipment
  • Pressure analyses and tests, airtightness and leakage tests
  • Physico-chemical, conductivity and gravimetric tests.

Process constraints require constant monitoring of installations

Passivation of pharmacy networks

Performance deviations may occur during operation. These can be corrected through preventive or curative action :

  • Derouging, Deoxidation, specific chemical cleaning
  • Sanitization, elimination of biofilms, bacteriostatic cleaning
  • Treatments on the utilities side (cleaning of double containment structures and exchangers).

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