Descaling & Sludges Removal

Descaling & desludging - constraints imposed by steel pipe networks

Steel pipe networks and the exchangers used for the supply of utilities - glycol water, cooling water, steam, combined pipe networks, brine - suffer a loss of performance when corrosion and/or scale accumulates.

Scaling networks sludging steel

We have developed specific ranges to elimate fouling by :

  • Injection and recirculation of dispersant additives during operation, as well as magnetic and mechanical filtration
  • Recirculation with an unaggressive complexing medium
  • Finishing deoxidation and true repassivation of the pipe networks treated

Our teams perform curative or preventive maintenance on-site. The specific inhibitions and passive finishes inhibitions applied to the treated surfaces delay the reappearance of fouling phenomena and increase the operational availability of equipment.

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