Effluents Management

The advantages brought by effluent reprocessing make it a process worth mastering !

Facility design and sizing. Protecting the environment is a way of improving productivity.

Processes chemical treatment

Our in-depth knowledge of processes and their implementation allows us to offer you the solution best suited to your effluent management needs:

  • Sizing of retention facilities and pumping systems
  • Profitability studies according to each reprocessing method
  • Modelling and technical proposals based on physico-chemical processes

Physico-chemical treatment skid. A turnkey installation.

Physico-chemical effluents

A full physico-chemical skid is the ideal solution for the management of medium quantities of effluent. We offer complete skids, delivered and installed, and guarantee their compliance:

  • Preliminary study, sizing and adjustment to your installations.
  • Installation by our teams, assembly, commissioning.
  • Training and technical support, upkeep and maintenance.

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