Piping Networks & Distribution

Pipe networks are usely treated by recirculation. Final qualification requires a specific filtration process.

Primary cleaning - new systems - initial qualification.

Cleaning of industrial networks

Primary cleaning is performed on stainless-steel pipe networks - for food and technical fluids, including demineralised water - and steel pipe networks - utility fluids, water, steam, chlorine, etc. Stainless steel lines whose roughness is controlled (Ra < 0.8) are never stripped. Some applications require final drying:

  • Pipe networks intended for purified water/water for injectable preparations.
  • Pipe networks for high-pressure processes or steam.
  • Oxygen or chlorine networks.

Secondary cleaning - chemical cleaning - leaching.

Cleaning of industrial networks

Secondary cleaning is performed on stainless-steel pipe networks that are in service - derouging, sanitization - and steel utility networks undergoing maintenance - descaling, desludging :

  • Stainless-steel pipe networks for deionised water, stainless-steel pipe networks for Biopharmaceutical processes.
  • Steel pipe networks for steam / refrigeration units.
  • Steel pipe networks for heating / glycol water / brine.

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