Passivation pickling steel deoxidation

Chemicals & Equipments

Our range of technical products meet the strictest requirements when it comes to final metal cleanliness.

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cleanliness of specialized metals

Technical Services

Our field teams work on-site to perform final cleaning processes on your equipment and installations.

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Leaching of industrial installations

Cleanliness & Ultraclean

Primary cleaning is a finishing process in the construction of new equipment, secondary cleaning involves cleaning installations that are already in service.

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Chemical cleaning process networks

Areas of Intervention

Our fields of application cover all industries that use transfers of fluids, whether it be water, steam, brine, food products or technical products, on both the process and utilities sides.

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Metal treatments on titanium aluminum stainless steel

Treated Metals

Metals are the materials of choice for all industrial applications.

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Stainless steel titanium aluminum treatment


The treatments applied follow a process that makes the dirtiest items clean and ultra-clean, in successive phases and, if necessary, iteratively.

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